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DNS is a telecommunications and technology service firm. In 1995 DNS began serving the telecommunications industry with back-office, provisioning and fulfillment services. We perform installation work for video, high speed data, and telephony projects. We do small and large scale residential and commercial installations involving schools, high rises, senior living communities, apartment complexes, colleges, and campus environments. For consumers and small businesses we also provide computer and technology service work.

Our entire team is focused on performing safe, timely and efficient installation work of all types. In addition, we also serve customers with data processing, data mining, data recovery and data backup services

Our Culture - Core Values

  • Anything worth doing is worth doing now.
    "It's our attitude". Dorota R., Vice President Operations
  • Over communicate.
    "It's our responsibility to keep everyone on the same page. Our customers, their customers and everyone in the business." Robert G., Technician
  • Expect more & care more.
    "Expecting more from each other is hard, but it demonstrates how much we care." Darek M., Network & Systems Manager
  • Seize opportunities.
    "At DNS we have learned that acting is the most important part of any opportunity. We can't just talk about it. We need to follow through." Monika F., Customer Service
  • If you can laugh together, you can work together. "We want people to enjoy their work. We try to make things fun." Bob O., Finance

Our people have the skills they need to accomplish their work. They are trained to think like business owners. They understand how their actions impact the bottom line.